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We are a co-investment growth hub with a focus on sustainable businesses that have exponential growth potential


Portfolio Companies




An Equity Crowdfunding  marketplace with Sharia compliance. Yielders UK is a crowdfunding property investment platform that puts UK property investment within your reach. Our assets are already funded and provide pre-defined rental incomes, which means our investors have the potential to start earning returns almost immediately.



FrontM use Artificial Intelligence, Edge computing and data optimization techniques to provide better data connectivity for remote consumers. Be it in an airline, cruise liner or a ship in a poorly connected part of the world, FrontM provides for more efficient and timely access to critical information



Swipii is the UK's leading customer loyalty platform, built for local, small businesses. The team is on a mission to provide businesses with the tools and technology to enable businesses to compete on a level playing field with global brands. On the other hand, Swipii also provide consumers to discover amazing offers and deals from the same local businesses, so consumers are able to get the most out of their spending.

Partners' Track Record



Cornerstone is UK's No1 brand for men's grooming products.
Top quality men’s toiletries are delivered to you on a personalised, flexible subscription model so you always have everything you need to kick your morning off in the right way.
170,000 happy members can’t be wrong!



Fundraising for Charities at Point of Sale. We are a UK limited  company dedicated to helping charities and the non-profit sector by raising funds using the latest technologies. We work tirelessly to deliver simple, affordable and practical fundraising solutions. Our code product delivers a simple means for charities to engage in fundraising via contactless giving.


Smart Homes/IoT

The Smart Thermostat for Affordable Housing.
Switchee has been developed to meet the specific needs of housing residents. We save residents money with minimal interaction. We give social landlords tools and information to make better asset management decisions. By using Switchee data social landlords can move from reactive to preventive service programmes.

Funding XChange


SME Lending Marketplace. Funding XChange makes finding financing easy and transparent for small businesses. FXE is one of the only three lending market places in the UK designated by the British Business Bank. They have won several awards since investment, and more recently the best Fintech award from Ping-An accelerator.



P2P lending marketplace for the subprime consumer market. Welendus is a FinTech peer-to-peer lending platform authorised and regulated by the FCA. Our mission is to offer better, more flexible and more affordable short-term loans.
For lenders, Welendus offers better returns for the short-term investment flexibility and a provision fund protection.



A secure messaging app for corporate conversations. Novastone’s messaging solution is built for high value customer interactions and moves these relationships from the inbox into a conversation.


Smart Homes/IoT

AI for smart homes. Verv is an intelligent home hub developed by Green Running, a London-based SME, which helps the users reduce energy bills and lower their carbon footprint.

Global Linker


An ecosystem for SME networking. Business networking, special deals and helpful business services, all in one place.



Divido offers point of Sale credit to consumers of businesses that typically have high transaction size. Since investment, Divido has won several awards, and most recently had a major investment from Mastercard and DN Capital.




Banesh Prabhu is the ex-global COO of Citigroup International Consumer Bank. He has held senior roles in Operations, Distribution and Technology for 23 years at Citigroup, American Express and Siam Commercial Bank. He has launched Banking and Financial Services in many countries. He has decades of experience as an entrepreneur and an investor in building and exiting technology focused businesses. 

He has extensive experience in developing strategy and implementing Digitization & Fintech initiatives across Europe/ Asia. He founded many Technology and Shared Service centres / BPO. Many have been sold at significant multiples. Founder -Launched in 5 countries.



Deepak Ahuja is an ex-banker who has several years experience in executing and managing venture capital and real estate investments. Deepak was a mentor to proptech and ride share startups and helped them to exits.

Deepak has held senior management roles in High Net Worth Banking and Consumer roles at Barclays, Citi and his last assignment was Head SBI-UK.

He was a Trustee on the Amicus Horizon Fresh Visions Charity (Part of the G15 Housing Associations).



Arun Krishnakumar is a Venture capital investor, speaker and writer in Fintech, Blockchain/Crypto and AI with 15 years experience in FS, Data and Technology. Arun was a Founding Partner at AU Capital, a VC fund he founded in 2015. Arun has made several Fintech, Smart Cities and energy investments, and has had successful exits/up valuations with his investments.

Arun has had corporate roles in Barclays, HSBC and PwC. Arun writes on the third most read Fintech blog (@DailyFintech) in the world focusing on consumer Fintech, emerging markets and sustainability. Arun brings in a wealth of experience with Blockchain being his forte.



Efi is a seasoned Wall street professional. She holds a doctorate in Finance, is the author of Wiley Fixed income books with Frank Fabozzi and is included in the WealthTech book by Wiley.

Efi is a thought leader within the Blockchain space, and is well plugged into the crypto valley ecosystem in Zug, Switzerland

Her achievements include the following

  • Women in Fintech power list by Innovate Finance (2016 & 2017).

  • Women in Fintech DACH social ranking.

  • Global Fintech 80.

  • The Planet Compliance Top 50 RegTech Influencers.



Nicholas Edwards is an experienced investor and business leader in the Healthcare/life sciences space. He is well established in the Oxford – Cambridge – London innovation space. He is Chairman of several healthcare firms namely:

  • Prescient Healthcare group.

  • Satie8.

  • Oxtex.

  • MedInnovate (a consortium of life sciences investors).

Previous to this, Nick co-founded Kinapse, a consulting firm focused on pharmaceutical companies, grew it to a business with £27 Million turnover, and had an exit.

Nick spent 18 years at Accenture until 2004, where he was a Strategy Partner within their Life Sciences business, and ran their $250 Million R&D practice. Nick qualified in clinical medicine from the University of Oxford.



Dr. Andrew S. Nevin is a leading global thinker and actor, with over 30 years of professional experience as an entrepreneur, line manager, economist, strategy consultant and private equity investor, and in his professional career has lived in Asia, North America, and Europe. He has been based in Lagos, Nigeria since early 2012.

Andrew is Co-Founder of Binkabi (www.binkabi.io). Binkabi is a Fintech start-up that reimagines global trade to create a more affluent and fairer system for all in the Binkabi network.

As Advisory Partner and Chief Economist at PwC Nigeria, Andrew plays his role in trying to create a strong and vibrant economy in the world's most dynamic continent. He is a frequent TV commentator and contributor to the print media.

He holds a PhD in Economics from Harvard University, an MA in Philosophy and Politics from Balliol College, Oxford University and a BSc (Hon) in Computer Science and Mathematics from the University of Western Ontario, Canada (Gold Medallist). In April 2011, he was named Strategy Consultant of the Year for 2010 by the Management Consultants Association in the UK.






Thrive for Fintech

Green Shores Capital have allocated a £500,000 fund to support Thrive for Fintech for pre-Series A and Series A FinTech businesses with a focus on accelerating financial inclusion.

Partner Interview

An insightful interview with Deepak Ahuja, Partner at Green Shores. Deepak discusses the genesis of the fund, and its thesis in detail.

He shares his views on what he looks for in a portfolio firm.